St. Jose Sanchez del Rio Custom Birthstone Rosary - Silver

St. Jose Sanchez del Rio Custom Birthstone Rosary

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These handmade patron saint rosaries feature sterling silver 3/4 x 1/2 inch patron saint medals and choice of three crucifix styles, on a silver-plate chain.

We offer a selection of 12 colors to pair with the Regular and Large crucifixes:
  • Garnet Red (January)
  • Amethyst Purple (February)
  • Aquamarine Blue (March)
  • Crystal White (April)
  • Emerald Green (May)
  • Light Amethyst Purple (June)
  • Ruby Red (July)
  • Peridot Green (August)
  • Sapphire Blue (September)
  • Tourmaline Pink (October)
  • Topaz Yellow (November)
  • Zircon Blue (December)
As well as seven additional options for the Special crucifix:
  • 6mm Genuine Hematite
  • 8mm Genuine Hematite
  • 7mm Brown
  • 8x5mm Genuine Black Onyx
  • 8x6mm Genuine Black Onyx
  • 7mm Genuine Black Onyx
  • 7mm Aurora Borealis
Jose accepted his Catholic faith During the Cristero Wars, a time of religious persecution, Jose was a flag bearer. He was captured by government troops and was tortured by officers of the ruling regime of Plutarco Elias Calles. Continuously denying to leave Catholicism, he was shot; He was only 14 but witnesses later founded monasteries in his name.

Born: 3/28/1913 Sahuayo, Mexico
Died: 2/10/1928 Sahuayo, Mexico
Patronage: Persecuted Christians, Children, Adolescents, Sahuayo
Feast Day: February 10

All Bliss saint medal products are handmade in Rhode Island at every stage of production and include a lifetime manufacturer guarantee against tarnish or damage.

Brand: Catholic Inspirations