St. Ursula Custom Birthstone Rosary Bracelet - Silver

St. Ursula Custom Birthstone Rosary Bracelet

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These handmade patron saint decade rosary bracelets feature sterling silver 1/2 x 1/4 inch patron saint medals and 5/8 x 1/4 inch crucifixes, on a 9 inch silver-plate chain.

12 colors to choose from:
  • Garnet Red (January)
  • Amethyst Purple (February)
  • Aquamarine Blue (March)
  • Crystal White (April)
  • Emerald Green (May)
  • Light Amethyst Purple (June)
  • Ruby Red (July)
  • Peridot Green (August)
  • Sapphire Blue (September)
  • Tourmaline Pink (October)
  • Topaz Yellow (November)
  • Zircon Blue (December)
Ursula, out of care and love for children, became a teacher to educate children on the Christian religion. Ursula expressed that before she set sail to marry her future Pagan husband she would go on an educational pilgrimage. With 11 fellow Virgins, she headed for Cologne, which was being surrounded by Huns. The women were captured by the Huns, the leader killed Ursula with a bow and arrow and all the other Virgins were beheaded. The Ursuline Order was later founded for the education of young Catholic girls and women.

Died: 10/21/238 Cologne, Germany
Patronage: Archers, Orphans, Students, Cologne
Feast Day: October 21

All Bliss saint medal products are handmade in Rhode Island at every stage of production and include a lifetime manufacturer guarantee against tarnish or damage.

Brand: Catholic Inspirations